The “Ostrich”

 Ostrich 1




No Gun

No more starting gun


  1. The all-in-one Electronic Starting System, fondly known among Athletes and Officials as the “Ostrich”, replaces the Starting Gun at athletics meetings.
  2. The “Ostrich” is battery driven – No more reloading of bullets, false starts due to dud blanks.
  3. The “Ostrich” operates according to IAAF/ASA Competition Rules.
  4. The Starter only needs the “Ostrich” to start the race. The “Ostrich” has a build in loudhailer; starter signal to start the race and a build in light to signal the timekeepers to start the watch/clock.
  5. The “Ostrich” is much safer, durable, reliable & cleaner.
  6. The “Ostrich” is light, manoeuvrable and easy to use.
  7. The “Ostrich” needs no cleaning or Gun Oil after every use.
  8. The “Ostrich” is compact, easy to store, light, manoeuvrable.
  9. The “Ostrich” needs less than 2 minutes to be ready to start the race. Thereafter, starting between reloads are faster than the start-finger can contract, and can be repeated as many times as required without failure.
  10. The operational cost of the “Ostrich” is much lower. In fact, the saving on the purchase of blanks/caps will pay for the “Ostrich” within one athletics season.
  11. The “Ostrich” is build ideally to be used on almost any terrain.
  12. The “Ostrich” is built in South Africa and therefore no more expensive repairs and long delays for spare parts. In fact the “Ostrich” is serviceable at any credible electronics dealer
  13. The “Ostrich” consist of:
    • Build in Press Button – replace starting gun
    • Build in Bright LED light –visible in daylight 360 degrees
    • Build in Loudhailer – Can be heard in loud crowds
    • Build in powerful amplifier – amplify sound
    • Battery charger
  14. Optional: Microphone & Tri-Pot Stand
  15. Added bonus:
  • The “Ostrich” can be adjusted according to the height of the Starter.
  • The “Ostrich” can also be used as public address system, or during crowd control.
  • The “Ostrich” can be used in almost any other sports as well e.g. Swimming, Cycling, Trial Running, Cross Country, Road Running, etc.

PRICES VAT INCLUDED – This offer is at cost price only up to June 2015

  1. Advanced “Ostrich” All-in-One Electronic Starting System – R9500 (excl. microphone/tri-pot)
  2. Entry Level “Ostrich” All-in-One Electronic Starting System – R7900 (excl. Microphone/tri-pot)
  3. Microphone – R150 extra
  4. Tri-Pot –  R350 extra